Fab weekend ✨

I still need to tell this to myself all the time




Apparently if you saw yourself in person, you wouldn’t recognise yourself

So my biggest question is, WHAT THE FUCK do I look like

And do I look hot

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Big wahey for 2-4-1 cocktails


Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am

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dude is a gender neutral term if you think differently you are wrong

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I remember when I thought people in their 20’s were adults. Now all of my friends are in their 20’s and everybody is just kind of fumbling around bumping into each other, trying to figure out where the free food is

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how the hell did we get the idea pink isn’t a cool colour

because scientifically speaking pink doesn’t even exist; it fits between violet and red on the spectrum but actually what goes there is infrared and ultraviolet and all those things we can’t see

pink is the ambassador of an otherworldly and unknowable realm it is the most badass colour out there

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